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Welcome to the Nsibidi Wiki!

Adding characters from Nsibidi dictionary at http://www.scribd.com/doc/63616534/Ikpo-Nsibidi-Dictionary
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Nsibidi characters, audio pronunciations, more

Adding audio pronunciations

Experimenting with adding audio pronunciations to character pages. Check it out:

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Ifunanya lyrics in Nsibidi

Anansi book cover

Nsibidi in use


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Featured characters

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Welcome to the Nsibidi Wiki! This wiki was created as a way to facilitate Nsibidi character organization and search... and maybe promote discussion and collaboration on the subject.

It was inspired by the Nsibiri Project, whose mission is "to record, modernise, and make the nsibidi ideographic symbols relevant for communication in the Igbo language and Cross River languages such as Efik, Kwa and Ejagham, by transitioning it into a (fully) logographic script."

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